cultivating culture

connecting Humans

Weaving empowering relationships to  humans be more human.

Tetra is a blockchain-based economy of local creators  and curators empowering real-world connections that strengthen community bonds through gamified + rewarded engagement


The projects you endorse cast light on an evolving world. 

Charts keep track of awareness by RA.

RA-backed interests are public, and advertising dollars are channeled back to the people.

System Details

Make ideas real.

You are the algorithm. 

Provably raise awareness for creators and projects you love on Tetra.

Tetra provides tree-modeled projects with deliverables and 0-100 stakeholder rating out of the box.


Our robust project system has syncing quarterly deliverables and a prunable tree-structure. 


Each branch is a small group working together to produce a fruit promised to supporters in a 3-month window.  


Our roots in music + NFTs


Local RA tokens giving local people stake in their neighbors.

May 5, 2026

RA tokens start shipping to citizens


Ideas seeded in the Web 4 manifesto.

Projects + Orgs

Projects are built of branches, funded pursuits by one or more individual that fulfill public objectives. 

Deliverables are posted quarterly on-chain for review of supporters.

You can open different types of organizations for personal and social benefit. 


You earn by doing what you want to do. Your supporters earn by holding you accountable to get where you want to go.

Media + NFTs

Maintain a collection of your work to exist in the robust WAX NFT ecosystem. 


Mint your first NFT collection using our web4 standards + let Tetra open a world of utilty.

Curation as Creative

As a curator of your locale, you have as much room to grow as a creator.


Become a leader by your lists, and by accepting the challenges, advance your status. 

Others can follow (copy) a list, so we can track and recognize the most influential curators in each state and every country.

learn 2 earn

People are a valuable part of an ecosystem. Tetra creates grids of connections that spark real world action and reorganization towards an interwoven, bio-active society transparently stewarding the abundance of Earth. 

Sign up at tetra.earth/portal to learn about permaculture to earn tokens.

We’re finalizing the Fourth World of the Maya. We’re raising to the Fourth Density of love. We’re Tetra, and we invite you to find purpose + belonging in the world we’re co-creating


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