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This open-source standard is tailored to make the creation and distribution of Music + Media NFTs accessible. It integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like Atomichub and Neftyblocks, simplifying the minting process.

Key Benefits and Features of the cXc Music NFT Standard:

  • Forward Compatibility with Geographic Data: The standard is designed to work smoothly with and any future geo-aware applications.
  • Revenue Opportunities: It provides fields linking to streaming platforms, offering artists new avenues for web3 income alongside traditional revenue streams.
  • Full Credits and Licensing: Artists can list contributors and declare licenses, ensuring proper credit and legal clarity for each piece of music.

Technical Structure:

  • IPFS for Media Storage: Audio, images, and video are stored using IPFS hashes, ensuring decentralized and secure storage. Atomichub allows direct image uploads.
  • Detailed Information Fields: Title, artist, album, and other metadata are stored as strings, with the track number as an integer.
  • Geographic Fields: These include country codes (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3), locale (City, State, County), and geotagging in GeoJSON format or coordinate arrays.
  • Rarity and License Fields: These allow for setting rarity levels (e.g., Common, Uncommon, Rare) and declaring licenses or specific privileges.

Utilizing the cXc Music NFT Standard:

  1. Setting Up a Collection: Creators start by establishing a collection on AtomicHub, following a straightforward process to register and detail their collection.
  2. Adding the Schema: The schema can be added manually through Atomichub or by copying the schema code from GitHub and using it on
  3. Creating Templates: Using the schema, creators generate NFT templates in their collection, which can then be used to mint NFTs.

Modifying the Schema:

The flexibility of the cXc Music NFT Standard lies in its customization potential. Creators can add, remove, or change fields to suit their specific project needs. This adaptability allows for innovative applications, such as separating main and featured artists, including multiple audio tracks for albums, and adding metadata like BPM or musical key.

Impact and Future Evolution:

  • Maximizing Compatibility and Flexibility: Using the standard maximizes compatibility with current and future platforms, while retaining the ability to tailor it to specific project needs.
  • Community-Driven Evolution: The standard is designed to evolve over time with contributions from the WAX community. Users can suggest new fields, changes to existing ones, and report bugs or issues.

In summary, the cXc Music NFT Standard on WAX is more than a technical framework; it’s a catalyst for innovation in the music industry. It empowers artists with new tools for creation, distribution, and monetization, aligning with the evolving landscape of digital music and web3 technologies.