Features + Benefits of WAX

    “Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.” – Tom Freston


    • Eco-Friendly Blockchain Technology:
      • Purple operates on the WAX blockchain, an Antelope blockchain known for its energy efficiency. This eco-friendly aspect is significant, as EOSIO is vastly more energy-efficient than other major blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, even L2s.
      • The WAX blockchain does not require mining, making it a more sustainable option in the blockchain space.
    • User-Friendly Access with WAX Cloud Wallet:
      • Purple integrates with the WAX Cloud Wallet, allowing users to create a wallet easily using an email or social login. This approach removes the complexity typically associated with blockchain wallets.
      • The wallet facilitates smooth interaction within the Purple economy, including pre-approval of transactions like Ups and receiving payments, enhancing user convenience.
    • Integration and Accessibility:
      • Purple is designed to be accessible to a broad audience, including those unfamiliar with blockchain technology.
      • The WAX Cloud Wallet’s user-friendly design ensures that anyone can participate in the Purple economy without worrying about the technical complexities of blockchain and private keys.
      • This accessibility is crucial in inviting a wider range of participants into the Purple ecosystem, fostering a diverse and inclusive digital economy.


    The benefits of WAX ensure Purple is accessible, eco-friendly, and user-centric.


    Explore the WAX Cloud Wallet and consider how its features enhance your experience on Purple.