PURPLE + cXc Jargon

Quick Definitions

cXc.world – Home of Mapps like cXc Music with Top 64 music charts and NFT-enabled music map, curated democratically through Purple’s double-fractal system of Geography and Time.

Mapp – or “Map dapp” used to refer to the mapps created by cXc using Purple

Purple – Biomimetic Economy developed by cXc.

Up – One unit of positive vibes, like a ‘like’, sent by clicking a yellow or blue triangle. Manifests as a transfer action. Sol Ups pay the creator in BLUX, while Blu Ups cost 1 BLUX.

Top Charts – Content sorted by Up count, used to distribute rewards in PURPLE and determine which content should appear most prominently on the map. Top 64 global content is rewarded 288 PURPLE daily. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly global charts will be published on Hive.

Geotemporal – Geographic + Temporal. Every Up happens at a time (temporal, token transfer Tx) and location (of the song). Systemically manifesting as iterated, self-similar levels corresponding to Top Charts, geography as city, county, state, nation, globe and time building from a Time Unit, with Gregorian-calander charts for days, weeks, months, and years. This fractal system’s base iteration being city charts at one time unit, and all city charts making the county charts, all counties the state charts, etc. Every geotemporal display can be filtered by genre, format, and mood to reveal detailed charts and painted music maps on cXc.world.

Time Unit – 5-minute units (288 per day) used to run cXc.world’s geotemporal charts, and as the basis of Purple. 1 SOL = 1 time unit per Soldisk-holding account, as this is the allowance of SOL cXc gives. Top Charts are calculated every time unit, with a 1 PURPLE reward (288/day), so 1 PURPLE = 1 time unit. Gregorian calendar charts (Month, Week, etc.) are available, as well as down to the 5- minute time unit.

SOL – Abundant Time Token that can be received freely up to 288 SOL per day by any user of mapps holding a Soldisk. Spent 1:1 to give Sol Ups. Controlled by cXc.

BLUX – Abundant token distributed to recipients of Sol Ups, and for completion of Role-based tasks. Spent 1:1 to give Blu Ups, recycled to creators

PURPLE – Scarce token that can be staked to activate Everstone NFTs for daily rewards, or to Soldisks

Everstone – PURPLE-backed NFT that Blu Ups a specific piece of content on a mapp daily automatically Read about Everstones or offers daily BLUX (direct to wallet) of the same value. Buy Everstones

Soldisk – NFT held to register a user as a valid claimer of SOL. Learn about Soldisks

cXc – Short for Current X Change LLC, Maryland, USA. X is usually pronounced as letter. Our name has many meanings, including “Current Times Change” or meaning exchanging energy (current), or exchanging now (current), “Current eXChange”. In Maths, the change of x (a variable) is represented by Δ (Delta), the same triangular symbol of Ups, with SOL’s logo being a Tetrahedron (four triangles, X), and two tetrahedrons combining to form a Merkaba, BLUX’s symbol, and connecting all vertices of the Merkaba to reveal the Cube, the next platonic solid. Purple is the final platonic solid, representing crystallization of the highest now-energy.