Intro to PURPLE: The original CoCreative Web4 Economy

Here’s a Demo of Beta



  • What is cXc and Purple?
  • Concept and Structure of Purple
  • Core Tokens: PURPLE, BLUX, SOL
  • Impact on Creators and Users


  • What is cXc and Purple?: is a map of music (and in the future, more types of media) and Music NFTs. Purple is the system of curation for content posted to
  • Concept and Structure of Purple: Purple is a dynamic, three-token economy on the WAX blockchain. It’s designed to incentivize content creation and active participation. The platform integrates a unique tokenomic structure to facilitate interactions and rewards within the digital content sphere.
  • Core Tokens: PURPLE, BLUX, SOL: Purple operates on three main tokens. PURPLE, the primary reward token, is scarce and signifies value within the ecosystem. BLUX is used for unlimited Ups, acting as a utility token, and . SOL is a daily-allowance balance verified users get for free, encouraging daily engagement and content discovery.
  • Impact on Creators and Users: This unique economy model aims to empower creators by providing a fair and transparent platform for content monetization that is another layer on top of what their already doing. It also encourages users to actively participate in the ecosystem, fostering a community-driven environment where every interaction holds tangible value.

Key Takeaways

The introduction to Purple reveals a unique digital economy that revolutionizes content creation and consumption. It’s built on a three-token system, each serving a specific purpose within the ecosystem, and aims to create a more equitable, engaging, and rewarding digital space for creators and users alike.