Solar Concept of PURPLE


  • Inspiration from the Solar System
  • LoveLight Concept


  • Inspiration from the Solar System: The Solar Concept in Purple is inspired by the natural distribution of energy in our solar system. Just as the Sun provides energy to the Earth, Purple distributes SOL daily to its users. This model promotes an equitable and balanced approach to digital interactions, where every user receives an equal opportunity to participate and support content.
  • LoveLight Concept: This concept encourages users to actively ‘shine their light’ on others’ content by using SOL. It’s a metaphor for spreading positivity and support within the platform, akin to sharing sunlight in the natural world. The LoveLight concept underlines the importance of community and mutual growth in the Purple ecosystem.

Key Takeaways

The Solar Concept of Purple is a fundamental aspect that shapes the entire economy. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, it encourages users to engage daily, share support, and grow together. This approach not only makes the platform intuitive and relatable but also fosters a sense of community and sustainability in the digital space.