Timespace Maps


  • Concept of Timespace Maps (also called Geotemporal Mapps:)
    • Timespace Maps merge geographical data with temporal trends.
    • They offer a novel way to navigate and discover content on the platform.
  • Functionality and Impact:
    • Timespace Maps allow users to explore content based on location and time.
    • They provide a unique perspective on how content trends evolve and spread.

How does a Timespace map work?

You can look at the latest trends (Monthly, Weekly, Daily, etc) or look into the past.* Default is all-time.

You can see trends for any nation. Default is Global.

* – Past searches work from Summer Solstice, June 2019 onward. For songs posted before Beta, all Ups are assigned to the post date of the music. In Beta, the Time Machine will function with the time of the Up, and show trends down to 5-minutes, the length of one time unit.


Timespace Mapps in Purple offer a groundbreaking approach to content interaction, combining the dimensions of space and time. This feature enriches the user experience by offering diverse and dynamic content exploration pathways.


  1. Geographical Information Systems in digital platforms
  2. The evolution of mapping in digital age
  3. Temporal trends in digital content


Consider how the integration of geographical and temporal elements can enhance your content discovery and sharing experience on digital platforms.


This chapter introduced the concept of Geotemporal Mapps, a key feature of the Purple ecosystem. How do you think such an innovative approach will transform your interaction with digital content?