Tokenomics + Utility


  • Comprehensive Overview of Tokens:
    • Purple’s ecosystem is built around three core tokens: PURPLE, BLUX, and SOL (SOL is not a token, but similar), each with a distinct role and purpose.

See the latest market cap of PURPLE and BLUX

PURPLE BLUX (click to see holders + marketcap)

  • PURPLE Token Dynamics:
    • PURPLE is the primary reward token within the ecosystem, scarce and valuable.
    • It’s designed to be earned through content creation, community engagement, and significant contributions to the platform.
    • The supply of PURPLE is limited, enhancing its value and desirability.
  • BLUX Token Utility:
    • 1 BLUX = 1 UP
    • BLUX is the only way to have a lot of liquid UPs to use at any time
    • When a creator gets a Sol UP, they earn one BLUX
    • Unlike PURPLE, BLUX has an abundant supply, it’s minted by Sol Ups and is (usualy) burnt when used to UP.
  • SOL Distribution and Use:
    • SOL was originally planned as a regular token, but now is internal to the smart contracts, saving on-chain resources
    • SOL is claimed daily, max 288 SOL per person, encouraging daily participation.
    • It’s used to ‘shine a light’ on content, supporting creators and promoting content visibility.
    • The regular distribution of SOL ensures a constant flow of engagement and interaction within the ecosystem.